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Being a Christian

Prayer has been described as the lifeblood of a Christian. It is definitely an important part of being a Christian and in simplest terms, prayer is communication with God.

If you go into a church and hear prayers full of religious sounding words and phrases, you may come to the conclusion that this is what prayers are meant to sound like. However, prayers can be as simple as:

"God, I love you.
I know you love me.
Please be with me this day.

Prayer is talking to God and sharing with him what is on your mind. Thanking him for all that happens and asking him to be in situations of concern in your life.

Whatever you want to tell God, tell him, because He is interested in your life and cares about the issues you care about.

God loves it when his children speak to Him, just as a parent loves it when their children speak to them.

Everyone who is a Christian, is God's child and are part of his Church. Therefore when we gather together in a church we are gathering together with other family members.

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